Happy July 4th! Correction re Parking & Launch

2 Jul

The Greene Family of Cambridge, who LOVE Magazine Beach Park and July 4th.

Correction: There is parking at Magazine Beach Park today & the boat launch is open. Sorry for the misinformation!

I was just at the park and both spoke w/ the State Trooper Dave and scoped things out. Things are different from what I was told and shared:

1. There is parking at the park—beside Riverside Boat Club and the BU Bridge, just not at the parking crescent across Memorial Drive from Magazine Beach Shell station. Folks can drop off stuff at the crescent and then park elsewhere.

2. I just got a parking consideration from the Cambridge Police for folks to park in residential permit places in the neighborhood near the park for today. You can also park in the Morse School lot (on Magazine Street), but the school is not liable for your vehicle. So those are options, too.

3. The boat launch is open.

It’s a gorgeous day at Magazine Beach and the park is already filling with happy families picnicking, swimming and splashing!

Enjoy and happy July 4th!

IF YOUR KIDS ARE PLAYING AT THE SPRAYDECK, please encourage them to water the petunias we just planted in the planters there. These young girls just helped water them (with water from the spray deck) and they, the plants, are oh, so much happier. Thanks, girls!






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