Boats, Birds, a Marathon & another Cleanup

12 May



The CRWA’s Run of the Charles brought a canoe relay to our new boat launch 4.28; Morse kids ran the First Annual Morse Marathon 5.3 building fitness and community; Novartis volunteers, led by the CRC, made the park sparkle 5.9; and Mari Badger leads the first bird walk of the season TOMORROW, Monday, May 13 at 6:30am! See you at the Powder Magazine. Bring your binoculars! (If you can’t come tomorrow, join her Sun., May 19 @ 6:30am. Email Mari at to let her know you’ll be there.)


Thank you for the cleanup, Novartis and the Charles River Conservancy!


Note: The canoe/kayak launch will be completed by May 31. The contractor still needs to  add pebbles over the stones and plantings too.

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