Hear, Hear DCR & the CRC

15 Oct

DCR, thanks for fixing the 9 broken benches, mulching around the trees, and adding ADA curb ramps at the corners of the parking crescent and across Memorial Drive at the foot of Magazine St. This will make it safer for cyclists, too.IMG_5050Last Friday, the Charles River Conservancy led 60 Ernst & Young volunteers in sanding and painting the benches, cutting ragweed and phragmite seed heads and planting bulbs in front of the bathhouse. And Saturday, another 60 volunteers from MIT (Phi Beta Epsilon) and BU (Delta Sigma Pi) came out in the rain and cut more seed heads and picked up trash. Head of the Charles volunteers were also on site, cutting down the blue indigo along the shoreline so that HOC rowers can have access to the river—THIS COMING WEEKEND!  Thank you, all!

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