Powder Magazine Birthday Party SATURDAY, 4-7pm

6 Jul

Finally the heat and humidity is breaking. Tomorrow will be a cooler, sunny day—perfect for our Bicentennial Celebration & Ribbon Cutting for the Powder Magazine—a birthday party! See poster below for schedule of events. (Speaking program at 5pm. Cake at 5:30pm. For further info, click here.)

LOW RES RBG Powder Mag Poster-01

Come join in the fun in celebrating this momentous occasion. It’s not every day that the oldest structure on the Charles River Basin turns 200. And it’s not every day that the State (DCR), City (Cambridge) and community pull together to restore a building of such historic significance. In 1818, it stored gunpowder; in 1899, it became a bathhouse for Charles River swimmers; in 1954, it became a MDC garage; in 2018, ????? But we’ve done it—we’ve breathed new life into that old granite block building.

Interested in becoming the Magazine’s 21st-century tenant? Community surveys have suggested that it should become a concession, a meeting space, a performance venue and rental. Email: jennifer.norwood@state.ma.us.

Parking July 7: There will be overflow parking at the Morse School after the Farmers Market closes at 2pm. I’ll also be requesting permission from the Cambridge Police Department for out-of-towners to park in lower Cport –in residential permit spots–from 4-7pm today. But better yet, arrive by bike, foot or bus!

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