Progress! Wading Pool Gone & Powder Magazine Renovations

27 Feb


Straight from DCR’s Peter Seweryn, who is overseeing this work:

The Interior Rehabilitation of the Powder Magazine continues to progress, with tradesmen currently working on the building. To date – the interior stone face has been cleaned and re-pointed, electrical work started, a new water line to the building was added, and the plumbing lines are currently being installed. In the coming weeks, we will see the floor refinished, bathrooms framed out, and 85% of the electrical work completed. After the interior work wraps up, we will have a new ADA path installed to the Powder Magazine. We are shooting for a May 1st wrap up of work to the building, and then some general site clean-up (turf restoration, seeding) to follow.

 Also, take note: the old broken wading pool is now gone! Thank you, DCR!


The broken wading pool is gone! The area will be reseeded soon.

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