Yellow Bird Chase, Clown Fun & Magic!

13 Jul


7.15.17 update: Yoga is on. Looks like a little rain at 7am, but then just clear. Enjoy!

Yesterday, Liars & Believers theater brought Yellow Bird Chase to Magazine Beach. Unprompted, Morse pre-schoolers cried “Try harder! Work together!” to the clown/maintenance crew—which was caught in terrible fixes (again and again) while pursuing the yellow bird. After the show, the actors mingled with the kids who LOVED trying out the props and giving those ordinary cleaning supplies (a plunger, duster, sponge and tarp) the imaginative powers bestowed upon them in the show. Very fun.

Next week, along with weekly Stories & Song, Nature Detectives & Navigation Games for little ones, Davey the Clown will join us:  Thursday, July 20 @ 10am (rain location: Morse School). Monday, August 14 @ 10am, the amazing John Bonaparte will bring magic. Click here for details.


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