More $ for Magazine Beach!

20 Sep

Huzzah! Last night the City Council approved CPA Committee recommendations to invest another $100,000 into interior renovations of the 1818 Powder Magazine/1899 Bathhouse and $16,600 for interpretative signage at Magazine Beach Park. DCR has just stabilized the exterior of the magazine. The installation of bathrooms and lighting to the inside will enable DCR to find a stronger, more community-oriented tenant for the structure, which is the focal point for the park. We’ll be applying for matching funds from DCR for both of these projects.

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And, on Saturday night, we raised another $9,000 for the park at our 3rd Annual Benefit at the Riverside Boat Club. Fabulous party. Great energy, food, drink & music. Perfect weather. A strong sense of community. A celebration of partnerships and our progress to date working together. A chance to mingle with State and local politicians, DCR project staff and park designers about our hopes and dreams for the park. And what a magical venue!

Thanks to the many who came and the many who made it happen! We’re well aware  that we have a lot more money to raise for park renovations, but donations from over 100 private citizens is a good start. If you haven’t given yet, please do!

Magazine Beach Committee:  Marge Amster, Ken Carson, Brian Conway, Olivia Fiske, Richard Garver, Decia Goodwin, Peter Klinefelter, David Torrey & Cathie Zusy

CNA Board: Colleen Clark, Oliva Fiske, Leslie Greis, Catherine Hoffman, Elechi Kadete, Jay Shetterly, Carolyn Shipley & Cathie Zusy

MC & Speakers: Brian O’Donovan, Rep. Jay Livingstone, Sen. Joe Bocore, DCR’s Nicholas Connors, Cambridge’s Iram Farooq & Michelle Greene

Volunteers: Preston Fiske, Callum Griffith, Deirdre Keane, Sam Kendall, Carissa Lavery, Tarik Mubassir, Sophie Pelletier, Michael Schaffer, Jeanne Sprain, Chris Ward & Silas Weiner

Food & door prize donors: Harpoon Brewery, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Massage Envy, Micro Center, Starbucks, Nomad and Petsi Pies

Summer program sponsors: Sanofi Foundation of North America, MIT & the Charles River Conservancy

Photographs by Michael Schaffer.




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