Magic at the Park

24 Jul

A gift–Albino Mbie & Band performing at Magazine Beach 7.23.2016

Lots of fun Saturday at the park, despite the hot and ominous weather. Thanks to those who dared to venture out in the heat, to the Cambridge Fire Department, Knucklebones, the Blue Hill Observatory, Prof. T, the Riverside Boat Club and to  Albino Mbie, and his amazing band.

Donations from the Sanofi Foundation of North America, MIT and the Charles River Conservancy made this event possible, along with the help of volunteers Dr. Laura Brightman, Amy Lee Jarvis, Sam Kendall, Peter Klinefelter and Richard Garver.

A great week for children continues:

  • Monday: Swimming lessons begin at the pool; story hour, too!
  • Tuesday: Nature Detectives @ 10am.
  • Wednesday: Rolie Polie Guacamole (children’s music) @ 10am.
  • And the pool is open daily 11am-7pm.  ALL FREE! Click here for details.

Note: And if you love jazz, don’t forget to attend Cambridge’s Jazz Festival THIS WEEKEND!

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