Summer in Full Swing: with Music, Tai Chi, Swimming, Rowing & Stories…

13 Jul
The New England Philharmonic

Sunday, the String Quintet of the N. E. Philharmonic performed Dvorak’s String Quintet, Opus 77

Magazine Beach was in full swing this past weekend with Tai Chi on Saturday, the swimming pool at capacity, Riverside Boat Club’s big regatta–the Cromwell Cup, and a concert by the New England Philharmonic.

The river breeze and shade keeps you cool and what a delight it is to hear the sounds of birds, bugs, and children running and cycling around the park.

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This morning Jamie Pittel brought stories and singing to the park. Nature Detectives (birds!) returns tomorrow. And don’t forget about Sports Day–including Swimming Olympics–this Saturday from 3-6pm!

I'm a Little Teapot...

I’m a Little Teapot…

Many thanks to Sanofi, Forest City, MIT and the Charles River Conservancy for sponsoring all of this activity!

2 Responses to “Summer in Full Swing: with Music, Tai Chi, Swimming, Rowing & Stories…”

  1. Lorna Edwards July 13, 2015 at 8:45 pm #

    With all the cleaning up Magazine Beach I would like to know why the children’s pool
    isn’t available?? I was down by the pool yesterday and some of these parents had
    their infants near the big pool.. The pool isn’t like it used to be.. The diving pool is
    gone due to the Charles River leaking in before being treated.. There aren’t any lockers
    where people can put their personal belongings.. I recall when the pool was first built and
    taking swimming lessons.. You couldn’t get me in there now.. I also had to pay to get in
    the pool which is now no cost, but a long line.. I don’t know if you recall the lights
    being under the water when the pool was completed… I still believe they should still
    have lockers since most people bring all their person belongings to the pool area along
    with their cell phones.. I believe the toddlers should have their own area since it is
    in the shade.. This is food for thought..
    So long for now…

    • Cathie Zusy July 14, 2015 at 9:28 am #

      DCR tried to fix the wading pool at the park a few years ago, but can’t. There’s a crack in the water line so they can’t get the right balance of chemicals in the pool. They are eager to install a new spray feature for children at the park but we’ve got to determine the right location first. They’ve just hired a landscape firm to update and complete the existing plans for the park; they will recommend the new location. Look for notice of a public meeting about plans for the upstream park of the park in the next weeks! We’ll want your input.

      I’l ask DCR’s Director of Aquatics about the lockers today. I’m thinking that they probably don’t want to be responsible for expensive electronics. Thanks for your feedback and welcoming any other suggestions for the pool and the park!

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