Olympics Triathlon at Magazine Beach in 2024?

22 Jan

Yesterday, the Boston Olympics 2024 Committee presented their proposal for Boston.  They’re putting the Triathlon on the playing fields at Magazine Beach! For more information about the 2024 proposal, go to: 2024Boston.org. Never fear, they will undo what ever they do, and perhaps even make it better. Perhaps they’ll ensure that we’ll have a more swimmable Charles sooner rather than later? This would be good for everyone, fish included! The Boston Olympics Committee will be presenting in Cambridge in the coming months, so you’ll have an opportunity to learn more and ask questions. (They made their plans public yesterday.)

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.40.40 AM

Boston Olympic 2024 Proposal  for Magazine Beach--Triathlon Location

Boston Olympic 2024 Proposal for Magazine Beach–Triathlon Location

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