Magazine Added to DCR’s Historic Curatorship Program & Gets New Rafter Tails

8 Aug
The 1818 Powder Magazine Has Been Added to DCR's Historic Curatorship Program

The 1818 Powder Magazine has been added to DCR’s Historic Curatorship Program

The Powder Magazine is Added to DCR’s Historic Curatorship Program

Many thanks to our State Senator Anthony Petruccelli and State Rep. Jay Livingstone for introducing this legislation and nursing it along. Senate Bill 1966 passed by a 39-0 vote on Thursday, July 31. On Wednesday, the Governor signed it into law. This is big news: the legislation will allow DCR to lease the building to a third party in exchange for converting it to its next use. A powder magazine in 1818, a bathhouse for Charles River swimmers in 1899, a concession/meeting space/pop-up performance space in 2015?

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Longleaf Lumber to the Rescue: Donating Heart Pine for the Rafter Tails

More big news! This morning Marc Poirier of Cambridge’s own Longleaf Lumber delivered old-growth, reclaimed longleaf heart pine for the structure’s rafter tails. When we realized that the new pressure-treated pine boards ordered for this purpose were already twisting and cracking, we give Longleaf a call and they delivered! Thank you, Longleaf. They “repurposed” posts from the old Crocker Paper Mill in Holyoke, MA to serve our renovation of the oldest building on the Charles River Basin. The wood is over 200 years old! Thank you to DCR, the Cambridge Historic Commission, Clark & Green Architects, Restoration Consultant Bill Finch, and Stanley Roofing for your commitment to fixing the building right. If history is any guide, this is a once in a hundred-year opportunity.


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