Snowy Owl Sighted and Rescued at Park March 1

29 Apr

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Just learned about this at our Earth Day Cleanup. Thank you to Andy Baer for sharing this March 1st story.

On our morning walk today Jane, Jack and I found this lady snowy owl hung up in a soccer goal at Magazine Beach in Cambridgeport. She had chased down the rabbit by her side. We didn’t want to just untangle her in case she was injured and took off so we called our friends at Cambridge Animal Control. Officer Alison P. came down with towels, cutter, and a cage. She and Jane freed her while I took pix(and a video that unfortunately didn’t come out…) and Jack our dog watched from the driver’s seat of the Cambridge Animal Control Van. Alison took the owl to the Animal Rescue League where it was determined to have been banded, to be a juvenile, have a small laceration, be a bit under weight and missing some tail feathers. She is being transported out to Tufts Veterinary School for rehab. All in all looks like a good outcome.

Andy Baer

 To learn more about the influx of Snowy Owls in Massachusetts this past winter, see and hear WBUR’s report on Snowy Owls Head South in Biggest Numbers in 50 Years. Most have migrated south by now, though one was just sighted at Plum Island and another at Duxbury Beach. To learn about bird sightings, see: and

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