The Open House is ON Today at the Powder Magazine

11 May


Please join us at the Powder Magazine from 12-3:30pm today, Saturday, May 11. We will be there UNTIL/IF it starts raining heavily. So come early!

Patrice Kish of DCR, historians Nina Cohen and Marilyn Wellons, and I will all be there. It will be a great opportunity to look around, learn about the building and site, and to share you ideas for the next use of the building. Also why not share your Magazine Beach memories?





One Response to “The Open House is ON Today at the Powder Magazine”

  1. Cathie Zusy May 11, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    harte and silas, thanks so much for a lovely dinner/gathering last night. what i love about being with you is that we actually discuss real things. and it was thrilling hearing silas and ben’s views on the world: such thoughtful young men. love to you, stop by at the rive if you can. would love to have your input. have invited kristen, too. cathie

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