MIT Students Give Magazine Beach Efforts an Extreme Makeover

4 Mar


Students in Cherie Miot Abbanat’s (11.027) City–to-City class at MIT are hard at work producing much needed products to further our efforts. Paula and Rene have already made a difference, adding a DONATE  button to our blog. (Give it a try!) In the coming weeks they will be creating a Facebook page for Magazine Beach and linking it to kindred organizations. Vanessa and Emma will be developing a five-year strategic plan and budget for the spin-off Magazine Beach group. And Lawrence and Chrystal are updating our tired 2011 historical exhibits. We will debut these at our upcoming, March 24th fundraiser—more about that very soon.

We are very thankful to Cherie for sharing her students and their talents. After a few weeks in Cambridgeport, they’ll be off to New Orleans where they’ll be working on more long-term projects, among them: developing a Creative Business District, proposing a public transport system that services the New Orleans airport, assessing community health projects, and reviewing city budgets.

Watch for our new look!

Emma and Vanessa consider our longterm goals and objectives.

Emma and Vanessa consider our longterm goals and objectives.

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