Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association Awarded $1.5k for Magazine Beach

24 May

The New England Grassroots Environmental Fund has awarded the CNA $1,500 to further our work at Magazine Beach. This money will be used to provide a modest stipend to local historians Marilyn Wellons and Nina Cohen, who have been researching the site to inform preservation efforts at the 1818 powder magazine and future interpretation of the park.  It will also provide a small stipend to filmmakers Jennifer Malin, of Harvard University, and to Augie Cummings, of Cambridge Rindge & Latin. Together, they will produce a short film about the rich history and potential of the fifteen-acre park. We are grateful to the NEGEF for their support for this project. This is their second grant to the CNA. In April 2011, they awarded us $4,000.  Thank you NEGEF!

Spring is in the air at Magazine Beach.

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