UMass-Boston Geologists Survey Magazine Beach

20 Apr

On Tuesday April 17, Ph.D student Chris Maio, Associate Professor Allen Gontz, and I (all from UMass Boston) conducted a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey of Magazine Beach, under the supervision of Department of Conservation and Recreation archaeologist Ellen Berkland. We crisscrossed the park with the GPR equipment, creating a digital record of the layers of sediment that make up the park. 

We hope that studying the data from this survey will help us see what the area may have looked like before it was made into a park, when much of the area of Magazine Beach and the soccer and baseball fields was probably tidal mudflat. We have not yet analyzed the data, but it is clear from initial examination that the area has changed significantly due to human actions, and it will be interesting to map the park as it was a few hundred years ago, before these changes took place.

-Lars Anderas, masters student in Environmental Science at UMass BostonImageImage

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