Hear, Hear Lead Donors: MIT and Longleaf Lumber


Our summer programs have delighted children and adults alike year after year. Here magician Bonaparte and bunny connect with fans. MIT was our lead program sponsor in 2018.

MIT has been a contributor to summer programs since 2015, and this past year was both lead sponsor for summer programs and a lead sponsor for our Sept. 16 Benefit Party. In addition to contributing money—always nice—they’ve put their students to work for us. In 2013, MIT students in City to City, drafted our initial strategic plan, created an exhibit for us, and set up our Facebook page. Thanks, MIT, for believing in us and in the importance of this 17-acre riverside park.


Beautiful old longleaf heart pine for rafter tails donated by Longleaf Lumber in 2014.

Longleaf Lumber bailed us out in 2014, when the new pressure-treated pine rafter tails ordered for the Powder Magazine arrived cracked and twisted. In their place, Longleaf donated some old growth rough-sawn longleaf heart pine that was perfect and true. (These were repurposed posts from the old Crocker Paper Mill in Holyoke, MA.) Now, for the shoreline renovation of the park, they have donated some old live oak timbers to use as seating. (The logs were salvaged from the Charlestown Navy Yard. A few are currently being used as seating at Waldon Pond, Fresh Pond, and on the Cambridge Common.) Look for these logs along the newly improved riverside path next year.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.16.19 PM

Children enjoy an old log salvaged from the Charlestown Navy Yard–now a bench at Waldon Pond.

The revitalization of Magazine Beach is happening because of State, City, individual, business and foundation investment in this public space—through private-public partnership. MIT and Longleaf Lumber have lead the way and we applaud and appreciate their engagement.

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