In the Spring of 2009, two graduate students at Harvard University developed a proposal for Magazine Beach and the Powder House (historic gunpowder magazine and later bathhouse) and as part of their coursework. Paul Laszlo, from the Business School, and Masako Ikegami, from the Design School, envisioned new uses for the site along the Charles, including a cafe.

To download the proposal, click here:

Powderhouse Revitalization

(file size 30MB)

One Response to “Proposal”

  1. Jeanne Cronin August 2, 2015 at 9:55 am #

    I appreciate the energy and hard work involved in revitalizing the Magazine Beach property. I rode my bike through and around that portion of the river park this morning and it is sparkling! The river is, at least. As for the park itself, and the surrounding property, it is trash filled. That is literally true as all barrels (too few) are filled to overflowing. If this were a city park (i.e., Cambridge’s own) I would send an iReport from my cell phone. But this is DCR property. Does anyone have a contact to request park maintenance service on the spot? I would not hesitate to do so. Nor to volunteer when a park clean up is scheduled. But this morning, at 8:30AM I thought the powderhouse area was in a sorry condition. Please inform. Thank you. Jeanne Cronin, Riverside, Cambridge MA

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